Many people see putting up a signboard in front of the property as free advertising for the agent or the agency. At One Agency we make our signboards 100% about your property by utilising a large 6x4 signboard with a high resolution photo of your choosing and text written by our professional copywriter highlighting your properties best features. We do this to attract attention from those passing by in a visually appealing way.

Often potential buyers like to drive past the property and around the area before choosing to inspect the property. By utilising an internal or recreational photo on the signboard we are offering the opportunity for these buyers to learn something about the property that will hopefully encourage such buyers to choose to inspect the property completely.

It is also beneficial to display an attractive photo on the signboard out the front of the property when the front yard is less attractive or it is a battleaxe block. Many buyers would be turned off the property from a poor first impression however if they can see an appealing photo they might change their opinion and look further into the property.

Typically your neighbours will learn that your property is for sale when they notice your signboard. You never know where your buyer will come from. Recently I was marketing a property for sale when a neighbour noticed the signboard. She wasn’t actively looking for a property however she fell in love with it and ended up paying 10% above the market price. Had this vendor not invested in a signboard they would not have achieved this price.